Cannon shooter, Caroline


The wind pushing our sales, pirates’ wind! ♬

The waves pushing our ship, pirates’ waves! ♬

You have blocked our ship, so let’s talk pirate! ♬

For us it’s always first: cannon! Pang! Pang! ♬

Only after shooting we start talking, ay! Ay! ♬

Let’s hope your head is still in place next time! ♬

For us it’s always first: cannon, then: talk! Pang! Pang! ♬

No matter you'r right or wrong, first: cannon, then: talk! Pang! Pang! ♬

-[Chapter 39 of the Valiant Pirate’s Mandatory Songs Book: First Cannon, Then Talk!]

3 unique skills per hero


New skills unlock as you upgrade your Hero. At maximum Hero Grade 5, the battle begins with the first and second skills activated. Hero skills become more powerful as you level up your hero on the battlefield.


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